About Us

Company Profile

Acute Realty Co., Ltd. has been known as one of Thailand's most client referred real estate service companies since 2000. We are offering professional online & offline property consultant and web-advertising services and also acting as property representatives producing the most lucrative deals between local markets and foreign buyers, renters and home seekers. Our services cover both residential and commercial purposes focusing exclusively on Bangkok and nearby provinces with high class real estate to meet business growth.

Why to select Acute Realty ?

1. Collecting up-to-date property information and prices and most property inventories that meet customers' needs and more chances to success.
2. Advertising through a wide variety of media such as newspaper, magazine, brochure, website, email, telephone, fax, and sign board to expose to potential buyer, especially website ranking in popular search engine.
3. Providing free service charge for tenant and seeker viewing, and no price added up policy to get more benefit that make the customer satisfaction and enter to use our service highly.
4. Coordinating between client and governmental offices to accomodate the legal transaction with our well trained team.
5. Identifying target customers, offering your property faster, and serving after sales problem.

Our Mission

We strongly believe in business integrity, fast responsive service and complete dedication to the clients in order to satisfy their needs. This mission helps us to consistently approach our business professionally and earn creditability from our clients. It also differentiates us from traditional real estate companies that we are making out of the best, NOT making the best out of you!

Our Team

Our team is very proactive and well-experienced and has in-depth knowledge in property business with healthy communication skills in English. In addition, the management executives have possessed productive profiles in land development and national construction projects, which make us highly confident in delivering the high quality services and property management as we truly understand what the business needs.

Online Services

Today, there are more than 2,000 people visiting our dynamic database websites daily. This responsive feedback from the multi-national clients motivates us to heighten the value of services and effective management to serve their real estate needs. To give you further details about our services, please visit our affiliated websites as follows.
www.ThaiApartment.com is a most visited website for expatriates and people seeking for apartments for long & short term rentals. It functions as online apartment presentation for rent that helps clients to receive the maximum property details without time constraint and simplify their move even prior to their arrival in Thailand.
Additionally, we also offer web advertising packages which are cost effective means to promote your apartment for rent and/or interesting products in the world market through this well-advertised website among major search engines and directories.
www.ThaiPropertyOnline.com is another exciting website with active database presenting online property information& pictures such as condo, house, office and land for rent or anything to do with sales.
Acute Realty team would like to thank you for visiting our websites and hopes you enjoy our services. We appreciate for any comments about us as it motivates our team to perform up to maximum level.

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